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The Wycked Daily is created from Earth Grown Nutrients that your body recognizes & can easily absorb and was designed to help ensure you are getting in your micronutrients and antioxidants daily. Even if you do eat your veggies daily (which most don't) it would be very challenging to get the variety you actually need to get in what your body needs to thrive. The Wycked Daily is a tropical juicy delicious drink that you get to look forward to drinking daily that will provide your body with what it really needs.

Body Absorption Rate:

Conventional Vitamins = >25-30%

Earth Grown Nutrients = <90%

This is one of the BEST tasting greens formulas & it's 100% naturally flavored. Take your health, performance, and daily life to the next level with WYCKED DAILY! 


*Lion’s Mane -(Brain) Mushroom (4:1) 

Creativity + Anti-Anxiety + Brain Health.

*Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Exercise Performance + Anti-Aging

*Lactobacillus Sporonges (15 billion/gm)

Gut Health + Beneficial Gut Flora

*KSM-66® Ashwagandha 

Reduces Cortisol + Increases Strength and Muscle Mass

*Acai Juice Powder (Organic)

Antioxidant Rich + Improves Cholesterol

*Chlorella Powder (Organic)

Detoxifies Heavy Metals + Promotes Fat Loss + Immunity Support

*Ginger Root Powder (Organic)

Anti- Inflammatory + Digestion Support

*Siberian Ginseng Extract (Organic)

Increases Energy + Reduces Fatigue + Repairs Nerve Damage

*Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder (Organic)

Protects Liver + Boosts Metabolism

*Spirulina Whole Powder (Organic) 

Antioxidant and Anti Inflammatory + Blood Sugar Control

*Turmeric Root Powder (Organic) 

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory + Lowers Risks of Disease and Cancer

*CocOganic™ Coconut Water Freeze Dried (Organic) 

Natural Electrolytes + Optimal Hydration + Helps Repair Tissue


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