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Wycked Naturals Chocolate Protein

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This is not your ordinary Plant-based Protein Powder…

With absolutely no gums or fillers, no artificial anything- this unique Protein Blend of Pea Protein, Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Watermelon Seed, and Coconut Milk Powder makes for a super creamy and smooth Protein filled delicious drink. It mixes effortlessly and is also perfect for baking. 

Pink Himalayan Salt adds nutrient dense minerals and it's sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract and Monkfruit. 


*Pea Protein-high quality source of vegan friendly protein, rich source of Iron, helps build muscle mass, and lowers blood pressure

*Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein-antioxidant rich, high in Magnesium, improves heart health. Lowers blood sugar levels, and improves prostrate and bladder health 

*Cocoa Powder-helps improve Nitric Oxide levels, contains polyphenols that improve blood flow to your brain and overall brain function, improves mood

*Watermelon Seed Protein-One of THE most nutrient dense seeds, rich in Protein, vitamins, omega 3, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium and more! 

*Coconut Milk Powder- Antioxidant rich, helps balance electrolyte levels, strengthens your immunes system, anti-inflammatory, promotes healthy hair and skin. 

*Stevia Leaf Extract-Anticancer Abilities, supports fat loss, improves cholesterol levels, lowers high blood pressure 

*Pink Himalayan salt-Balances your body’s PH, reduces signs of aging, improves sleep quality, regulated blood sugar, increases libido, helps flush out toxins.

*Monk Fruit Extract-Anti-inflammatory and ant-fibrotic properties, prevents kidney failure, benefits immune system, fights against diabetes, promotes longevity

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